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The Band of Heathens

Simple Things LE Deluxe Translucent Vinyl

Simple Things LE Deluxe Translucent Vinyl

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Simple Things—the new album by The Band of Heathens—featuring 10 new songs via BOH Records.

Limited edition 180 gram translucent vinyl includes digital album card, plus digital album delivered to your inbox on release day.

 Track List

  1. Don’t Let the Darkness
  2. Heartless Year
  3. I Got the Time
  4. Simple Things
  5. Long Lost Son
  6. Stormy Weather
  7. Single in the Same Summer
  8. Damaged Goods
  9. The Good Doctor
  10. All That Remains
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The Band Of Heathens: Native of Austin, TX


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The Spirit Of Austin

Transport yourself to Austin, TX. Margarita in hand, live music moves you. The vibrant city is always buzzing, yet the peacefulness of the Hill Country is never too far away.

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